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Welcome to Personal Protection USA!

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We Are All About Your Safety

Are you looking for the best provider of safety and security products? Well, you just found us.

At Personal Protection USA we are all about you, and your safety.

Do you enjoy jogging in the evenings after work? You may be interested in our SafeSteps LED lights that fit on your arm or shoe. Worried about being attacked while out jogging? Our MACE® Brand Jogger Model may be right for you! Trouble with a pesky pit bulldog on your route? Try our Mace® Muzzle™ or our Electronic Sonic Hound Buster if you simply have a neighbor's dog who barks at you when you check the mail!

Keep your children safe!

Perhaps you work a late shift and have to navigate a dark parking lot at the end of your shift. Well, relief is here! Most of our stun guns have bright LED flashlights so you can see your way clearly to--and inside of--your car! Make sure there is nobody in your back seat with our bright flashlights on stun gun models such as the Runt and the Li'l-Guy! (We have even more than that)!

Do you seem to have little items "go missing" now and then? Want to peek in on your babysitter? More curious than your cat what your cat is up to? Set up one of our internet hidden cameras so you can view a live feed over the internet of your nanny-cam. Or, you can just have it record to a TF card or a Hi-Def Surveillance System for later review.

Do you like being outdoors? You might love some of our Great-For-Camping Survival Gear!

Do you need to hide something valuable until you can get it to the safety deposit box? Try a Hidden Safe!