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Welcome to Personal Protection USA!

About Us

Personal Protection USA is a distributor of personal self-defense and surveillance products for a wholesaler with over 19 years experience in the industry, Safety Technology Products of Jacksonville, Florida.

Our self-defense products include Mace® Brand pepper spray products, Stun Master brand stun guns and stun batons, Taser brand electroshock weapons, throwing stars, telescopic steel batons, and a wide variety of personal and home alarms.

Our surveillance products include everything from fully hard-wired CCTV systems for home or business, to self-contained wearable digital camcorders disguised as everyday items such as sunglasses, pens, alarm clocks, clothing items, bluetooth earpieces, and much more.

We now also carry survival products such as a solar water boiler, water purifiers, paracord rifle sling, belt and bracelets, firestarters, wire saws, hunting knives, and more.

The owner of this website is Ray Ihnot, currently living in Matthews, NC. Hi!

I am a pastry chef with an A.S. Degree in Culinary Management, who got fired (after 3 years) from a bowling alley snackbar for not wearing a plastic glove while placing toppings on a pizza which was headed for a 525°F oven.

That is when I decided to quit foodservice and start my own internet business offering products to help people keep safe.

With the increase in the terror threat, I sell many items which can help you! Someone entering your driveway or approaching your house or apartment? I got a PIR alert device for that! That someone gets through to you? PEPPER SPRAY! Got TONS of that! Covert Cameras! ChildGuard! Paruse my site, please!