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  • How to Find a Lost Drone

    This post is about how to find a lost drone. Here is the story of my own lost drone.

    I bought this drone on sale for 40% off, with a discount code found here for an additional 60% off, on July 27. Since I selected the FREE shipping, I got it on August 3 at around 5pm. Since I got such a great deal on it using the discount code from dailycaller.com, I took it by the pawn shop before opening it--they refused to make me an offer on it. Yay! Birthday Present Toy!

    I charged both batteries while assembling the unit, got the remote powered up and working (it uses 4 AA batteries), downloaded the app, and read the instructions. Then I re-read the pre-flight checklist, and went through it.

    So, with the drone on my bed and the remote on my desk, I ran through the pre-flight checklist. Once the drone paired up with the remote and beeped back, I was able to throttle-up and spin the props!

    The next step was to mate the app to the unit. On my iPod Touch I opened Settings, Wifi, and selected the drone (udirc-FPV) to connect to wifi.  Once done, my iPod Touch (with the APP downloaded and installed), it displayed the camera view live.

    Oops, I got it above a tree. It dipped below that treetop and I gave it full throttle up! I never saw it again!

    How to Find a Lost Drone

    Well, next time (I told myself) I'm gonna want a GPS tracker and a keyfinder and a long orange ribbon trailer so I can find that sucker in case of another flyaway.

    Here's what I found:

    There is a very cheap GPS tracking device that cost about $20, and it takes a SIM card and will text you the LAT/LONG so you can get close to your lost drone. It's a TK102. It has about a 1 meter accuracy (3 feet). I heard T-Mobile sells such a card for $10, no idea on how long it lasts. 30 days?

    When you are there, use a keyfinder to make the drone beep so you can home in on it. Just place the receiver in the battery compartment if there is room, or place the ring around the landing gear, press the transmit button and the keyfinder will beep.

    There is another device, the DroneKeeper Mini, which is affordable at $12 but the $22 shipping made me switch to the Bluetooth 4.0 Anti-theft Anti-lost Alarm Wireless Anti Lost Key Finder Smart Tracker Wholesale. As I understand it, you can actively track 6 of these devices in real time, and up to 10 total. So, I bought 6. I will let you know how they perform.

    THIS is what I want my newsletters to be about: topics that may or may not be of interest to my subscribers, but are definitely of interest to me, and FRESH, and random, and maybe just a SALE announcement, and sometimes I walk into a store and stick my thumb in a peach, and leave it there. (hat tip Jim's Big Ego)!

  • Linux Mint Hex Chat

    Okay, here's the situation. I installed Linux Mint on a laptop, and I am a total N00b to Linux. I get onto HexChat, the internal forum for Linux, and this ASSHOLE named "two_dogs" banned me from the chatroom! He argued that I was not a N00b since I knew of the sacred -sudo command! Give me a fucking break! It's not listed in the instructions, but it IS listed in various online forums!

    And secondly, how does ONE member have power to ban another member from forums with sole dictatorial authority? Member "two_dogs" has done exactly that to me three times.

    I am trying yo use a non-windows OS to format a USB flash drive which Windows can not format, and "two_dogs" for the third time bans me from the conversation! I am beginning to think he is a racist.

    I still don't know what "-sudo" means, I think of Phil Collins' S'Sudio when I see it.

  • Stun gun lawsuits claim bans violate constitutional right to bear arms

    Stun gun lawsuits claim bans violate constitutional right to bear arms

    Five states and several cities outlaw possession of stun guns, even for self-defense. But such bans could fall by the wayside in the coming year as Second Amendment advocates ramp up court challenges against jurisdictions that deem the weapons illegal. The D.C. Council last week approved legislation to roll back a city ban on possessing stun… Continue reading

  • Product Update! Mini Digital Color Alarm Clock DVR

    I recently got one of these and wanted to test it out as a webcam. A few years ago I upgraded

    Mini Digital Color Alarm Clock DVR Mini Digital Color Alarm Clock DVR

    my computer to a 64-bit system, and my old webcam wouldn't work, and D-Link wasn't going to provide a 64-bit driver for the old webcam. However, when I got this clock (SKU HC-ALCLK-DVR) the software CD was a blank CD-R! I needed drivers to use the clock's camera as a webcam. The instructions are badly translated from Chinese to English (Engrish is what I call it). Two mentions of files in the instructions are:

    14.    File update: please install “Network Installer” from the installation disc; use the remote controller to open the clock, and then insert the USB cable in 10 seconds; afterwards, the computer will open an interface automatically; click “Program Upgrade”, it will open a dialogue box; afterwards click “Update”.
    When ① DRAM Timing, select 0X35
    When ② DRAM Size, select “8M”; afterwards, press “OK” to upgrade; several minutes later, press “Confirm” button.


    15.    When the program is lost, please install the software which is saved in the Compact Disc, and then click “STK02NU Programme Upgrading Tool”, afterwards click “Update”;
    Under ① DRAM Timing, select 0X35
    Under ② DRAM Size, select “8M”; afterwards, press “OK” to upgrade; several minutes later, press “Confirm” button.

    I got a ZIP file from the wholesaler and you can download it for yourself EnglishUser Manual (Word Document).

    There are only 2 files needed to make the camera work as a webcam; click each one to download them individually.

    1. SPCA1520_V1200_WHQL.exe
    2. SPCA1528_V2250_WHQL_MultLan.exe

    Install both (one requires restart), then Windows will recognize the device as a "SPCA1628 video Camera Device" and stop asking for drivers and a disk. A program called "Amcap" will show up on your desktop after the reboot. With the camera switch in the on position and the TF Card removed from the clock, plug in the clock to the USB port on your computer (it will not work on a hub). Open the "Amcap" Program, and click on "Devices"; make sure "SPCA1628 video Camera Device" is selected. To see the camera work, click on "Options", then select "Preview".

    To use the clock as a webcam with a messenger program or Skype, set the default camera to "SPCA1628 video Camera Device".

  • How Our Months Got Their Names

    As we learned here, and here, the Romans were great at conquest but bad at creating calendars. Their year was broken up into 10 months, and only four of those had names. The first month was called Martius, after Mars, the god of war. The second month was called Aprilis, which meant "opening", like flowers were doing at the time. The third was called Maius, after the goddess Maia, Mercury's mom. The fourth, Junius, was named for Juno, who was Jupiter's wife. The remaining months were just called fifth, sixth, through tenth, in Latin; Quintilis, Sextilis, Septembris, Octobris, Novembris, and Decembris.

    So, Oct- means 8, Dec- means 10, how did they become the 10th and 12th months? The Romans added 2 months at the beginning of the year. The new first month was named after Janus, and the new second month was named after the festival of purification called Febura.

    So, what happened to Quintilis and Sextilis? Well, Julius Caesar modernized the calendar, adopting the Greeks' 7-day week and creating what we call the Julian calendar, and so he wanted a month named after himself, and the originally fifth month (now seventh) was called July after Julius Caesar. As to Sextilis, Emperor Augustus said if Caesar could do it so could he, and it became August. 7, 8, 9 and 10 remain unnamed to this day.

    If you enjoyed this, you can subscribe to our newsletter below by entering your email in the box and clicking the > arrow, and you can enjoy monitoring your home or business all ten, er, 12 months of the year with one of our surveillance systems.

    Source: http://www.historychannel.com

  • Answer to 13 Colonies Question

    Short Answer:

    New Hampshire
    Rhode Island
    New York
    New Jersey
    North Carolina
    South Carolina



    Longer Answer:

    Province of Massachusetts Bay
    Province of New Hampshire
    Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
    Connecticut Colony, later Connecticut, a crown colony
    Province of New York
    Province of New Jersey
    Province of Pennsylvania
    Delaware Colony
    Province of Maryland
    Colony and Dominion of Virginia
    Province of North Carolina
    Province of South Carolina
    Province of Georgia

    SOURCE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirteen_Colonies

    SOURCE: http://www.landofthebrave.info/13-colonies.htm

  • Compilation of Hillary's Yellow Debate Pantsuit Pics from Twitter

    Here is a compilation of pictures gathered from Twitter mocking Hillary's choice of wearing a yellow pantsuit during the Democrat Debate on February 11, 2016.

    Hitlary & the ols commie. There they are.
    Have you heard? Bird is the WORD! Obama Houma Mao Mao, bama Houma Mao Mao!
    If it swims like a fish, and it smells like a fish... Trust the Gorton's Fisherman!
    1200 Dare To Be Stupid!
    Star Trek Command/Tactical/Engineering Yellowsirt Beam me outta here Scotty! NOW! Damn you!
    HEEEEEY! Sexy LADY! Oppa PANTsuit Style!
    Bi-curious? Curious George's Handler, and the bitch in the yellow hat.
    NOT! Uber-Bitch!
    Yellow is the new prison color. Mao? Again?

    There may be more to come.

  • Buy Spy Camera Online

    Do you have items that go missing--beer, cookies, loose change? Are you being harassed at work and need proof? Is your significant other cheating on you? There are a million reasons why you would want to have a covert, hidden camera with a built-in DVR that is lurking inside of an everyday object such as a pen, a watch, a oil painting, a clock, a necktie or a mirror. But you say you can't find such an item at Wally-World, Bulls-eye, or even your local truck stop? More reason to buy spy camera online.

    Let's say you have a situation at work where a co-worker is being generally nasty to you, calling you names and insulting you--but only when no body else is around! You've already told the boss several times about the offending behavior, but your tormentor denies it and acts all friendly towards you (as he does in front of everyone else as well). Now your coworkers think you are the troubled one. This is where a wearable hidden camera comes in handy. Let's say you bought the Watch Hidden Camera with DVR. Let's say you are alone in a place where your tormentor is likely to show up, and had done before. Press the button and start recording. When he shows up, cross your arms thus aiming the camera at him while he torments you. Voila! Video evidence. To protect the source of the video, just send a copy of it to HR, or bring it in on a flash drive.

    When you buy spy camera online there will be many to choose from. Choose from everyday household items such as a framed mirror, an alarm clock, a tower fan or a smoke detector (and more). Or everyday office items like a 10-key calculator, portable USB power supply, flash drive or door hook (and more). And even wearable devices like the cross pendant, leather belt, yellow happy-face pin, or a pen!

    buy spy camera online Affordable Wearable Hidden Video Recorder

    Currently Personal Protection - USA offers 46 different spy cameras for you to choose from.

    Office Hidden Cameras With DVRs

    • LED Table Alarm Clock
    • AC/DC Adapter
    • Round Coat Hook
    • Smoke Detector
    • HD Pen
    • Air Freshener
    • Electrical Box
    • CO2 Detector
    • Exit Sign
    • Electrical Outlet
    • Another Air Freshener
    • Air Purifier
    • Tower Fan
    • Eye Glasses
    • Calculator
    • LED Work Light (Large and Small)
    • Motion Detector
    • Another Smoke Detector
    • Another Coat Hook
    • Oil Painting
    • Alarm Clock with WiFi and a CAT-5 port (streams live on the web!)
    • A Miniature Spy Camera (2.25" x 0.75" x 0.75")
    • Power Bank (portable USB phone charger)
    • Necktie
    • Wall Thermometer
    • USB Flash Drive

    Clock Hidden Cameras With DVRs

    • LED Table Clock
    • Projection Clock Radio
    • Travel Alarm Clock
    • Alarm Clock with WiFi and LAN cable port
    • Sony Radio Alarm Clock

    Small Hidden Cameras With DVRs

    • Sunglasses
    • Goggles
    • Eyeglasses
    • AC Charger
    • Round Coat Hook
    • Sports Action Camera
    • Car Alarm Remote
    • Electric Lighter
    • HD Pen
    • Electric Outlet
    • Flash Drive
    • Watch
    • Necktie
    • Smile Pin
    • Miniature Camera
    • LED Table Clock
    • Car Key
    • Pen
    • Travel Alarm Clock
    • Bluetooth Earpiece
    • Clothes Hook
    • Alarm Clock with WiFi and LAN port
    • Cross Pendant
    • Butane Lighter
    • Leather Belt
    • Flashlight with Night Vision

    Hidden Cameras With DVRs For The Home

    • Alarm Clock (4 styles)
    • Car Key
    • Smoke Detector (2 styles)
    • Flashlight (2 styles)
    • Electric Lighter
    • Air Freshener (2 styles)
    • Electric Box
    • Electric Outlet
    • CO2 Detector
    • Air Purifier
    • Tower Fan
    • Flash Drive
    • Coat Hook (2 styles)
    • Work Light (2 sizes)
    • AC Adapter
    • Necktie
    • Thermometer
    • Mirror
    • Miniature
    • Oil Painting
    • Infrared Motion Detector
    • Eyeglasses
    • Power Bank

    buy spy camera online

  • new informational website

    This post was deleted by admin as the content is no longer relevant. It has been added to prevent a dead link,

  • UPDATE: Uber Driver Uses Pepper Spray To Ward Off Attacker, captured on Dash Cam

    Benjamin Golden, 32, of Newport Beach, CA, who was arrested Friday October 30, 2015 for Assaulting a Taxicab Operator and Public Intoxication, worked as a Corporate Marketing Manager for Taco Bell, based in Irvine, CA. He has been fired by Taco Bell.

    After Dash Cam video was published of the assault, Taco Bell officials stated that "...he can no longer work for us. We have also offered and encouraged him to seek professional help". (Read it in the LATimes HERE).

    Edward Caban, the Uber driver, saw fit to install a Dash Cam after feeling threatened by passengers while working a 2am shift. Excellent move. Dash Cams record all activity inside the vehicle thanks to the ultra-wide-angle lens, and also all activity in front of the vehicle up to 120°, AND G-force telemetry in the event of an accident!

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