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Compilation of Hillary's Yellow Debate Pantsuit Pics from Twitter

Here is a compilation of pictures gathered from Twitter mocking Hillary's choice of wearing a yellow pantsuit during the Democrat Debate on February 11, 2016.

Hitlary & the ols commie. There they are.
Have you heard? Bird is the WORD! Obama Houma Mao Mao, bama Houma Mao Mao!
If it swims like a fish, and it smells like a fish... Trust the Gorton's Fisherman!
1200 Dare To Be Stupid!
Star Trek Command/Tactical/Engineering Yellowsirt Beam me outta here Scotty! NOW! Damn you!
HEEEEEY! Sexy LADY! Oppa PANTsuit Style!
Bi-curious? Curious George's Handler, and the bitch in the yellow hat.
NOT! Uber-Bitch!
Yellow is the new prison color. Mao? Again?

There may be more to come.

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