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Featured Product of the Day -- Diversion Safes

DS-FRUIT_a Would you look here in search of loot?

Sometimes, the best place to hide a valuable thing is right out in plain sight. One of the best ways to do this is with a Diversion Safe. What exactly is a "diversion safe"? Well, do you remember those Hide-A-Key® fake rocks from back in the '70's and '80's? Well, it's basically that. It is an object that looks and feels like what it appears to be, but had a secret access door to reveal a secret compartment where you can put your valuables.

DS-FRUIT_bIn 1994 on a trip from Panama City to New Orleans via Greyhound Bus Lines to get my Merchant Mariner's Document from the US Coast Guard, there was a two hour layover in Mobile, Alabama. I was carrying my one bag toward the lockers so I could stow it and find a nearby bar. I was stopped by two men wearing jeans and flannel shirts, claiming to be Mobile policemen, and quickly flashing silver badges and rifling through my bag. The "cop"--and I am to this day not sure that they were for real, because they missed my Glock 17 in its original box, and my 300,000 volt stun gun--anyway, this guy tried to unscrew the bottom of my can of shaving cream. I told him that it works by pressing the button on top, and he told me he knew that but he thought it might be a diversion safe and I might be carrying drugs.

You can actually grow flowers or herbs in it! Flower Pot Diversion Safe

These diversion safes are even counter-weighted to closely resemble the weight of the original product when empty. They are ideal for stashing cash, passports, jewelry, gold (in bubble wrap so it won't make noise if it is shaken), flash drives with sensitive files, or any other small object you don't want to be discovered.

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