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Mini DVR Car Dash Camera

Okay, so I ordered a Mini DVR Car Dash Camera from my own website. I ordered it on Monday (after hours) and it got here on Friday. This might be considered a PRELIMINARY product review, so you know what to expect OOBE (Out Of Box Experience).

I opened the package, unwrapped it, and hit the power button. Nothing, Okay, opened the manual, and it was in Engrish. I was able to translate the "In the whole process of charging, charging indicator lights up in red. When the charging is finished, indicator automatically extinguishes. The whole charging process takes about 240 minutes." into Use a USB cord (not provided) and let charge for 4 hours.

About 3-1/2 hours later, the light shuts off and it's charged! GREAT! Now, having read the manual, time to try and figure out what the buttons do, and at least set the correct Date/Time.

I'll write a non-engrish operation manual as a blog once I git-er-done. I might even make a WORD and PDF version if I get a request.

Well, this thing comes with BOTH Front AND Rear wide-angle cams which really capture whatever is going on in the car, and outside the windscreen.

It also comes with a GPS antenna. I wondered about this and plugged it in. Turns out, the tang needs to be oriented toward the FRONT of the unit.  This GPS antenna is used to record data for Google Maps to decode, and it displays on Google Maps your route driven, speed, g-forces, and all the data this unit records. Once the GPS acquired, it showed me in my back yard. But there was this Globe icon with a red exclamation point, and a small white square underneath I could not quite make out that I have no idea what it means. To the right of that a "GPS" icon was visible, meaning that the unit was getting data from GPS Satellites.

It seems to work well. You need to use the player software that comes on the 4GB MicroSD card to use all the features it offers. The G-shock thing displayed when I picked up and set down the unit.

Oh, and the 2.7" TFT LCD Screen displays a split-screen image of what is being recorded on both the front and rear cameras at the same time. The recorded image is a split-screen.

Now to figure out how to make this post an "associated blog post".


This dash camera, which I like, has unfortunately been discontinued by the wholesaler. They are replacing it with the 1080HD Dash Cam with remote rear camera. This has the advantage of having a backup cam if you mount the rear camera over your license plate.

If you would like one of the discontinued dash cams which sold for $110, email me at [email protected] and if I can get one, I will sell it to you for $90 depending on what is available.

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