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Origins of our Weekday Names II

Okay, so the days of the week were named by the Romans after things they could see in the sky; The sun, moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. Sunday, Monday and Saturday are obvious in their origin, but what about the other days? How does Wednesday relate to, or could possibly have originated with Mercury?

The Romans were a Pantheist (many gods) society, and those other days were also the names of gods. Mars was the god of war, Mercury was a messenger, Jupiter was the god of thunder, Venus was the goddess of love, and Saturn was Jupiter's dad.

Early Germanic tribes were also Pantheist, and adopted the Roman calendar replacing most of the Roman gods with their own:

  • Tiu was the god of war, so Tiu's day (I am not making this up).
  • Oden (or Woden) was the god of thunder, Woden's day (So that's how that stupid D got in there).
  • Thor was the god of thunder, Thor's day.
  • Freya was the goddess of love, Freya's day.

They retained the sun, moon, and for some reason, Saturn.

Well, now you know. And if you are looking to imitate Thor (or Jupiter) by brandishing your own bolts of lightning, you need look no further than our extensive line of stun guns and stun batons.

Hope you enjoyed the trivia!

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