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Pig in a Poke?

We all know that this means getting something other than what you bought, like the used car dealer that promised a top-notch car, and after a week almost everything on that car was no longer working. So let's start with Poke. The original French word Pouche (poosh) meant "bag". It was Anglicized (adopted into the English language) as three variations, each indicative of the size of the bag. Pocket was used to describe the small Pouche, Pouch was used to describe medium bags, and Poke (now obsolete) was used to describe larger bags.

People used to buy suckling pigs at market, and those were placed into large bags, or Pokes. Unscrupulous merchants would sometimes take the money for the piglet, and out of view of the buyer would put something else in the poke, usually a cat. Once the buyer got home and opened the poke, the cat would escape, thus "letting the cat out of the bag" or revealing the coverup.

Now you can hide things other than what it appears is inside with our extensive line of Diversion Safes. These are actual product containers that have been emptied of their contents, and replaced with a jar and glued in place with material designed to mimic the original weight. Just unscrew the bottom (in most cases) to reveal the cavity where you can stash the goodies you don't want anyone to find. Who would go into the bathroom vanity, open the cabinet, pick up a can of Bathroom Cleaner and think "there's a gold chain in a felt bag in this can"?

There are food items such as Morton Salt and Coffee-Mate, garage items like Liquid Wrench and Brake Cleaner, grooming items such as a Lint Roller and a Hairbrush, cleaning items like Love-My-Carpet and Ajax, and even a Book, Wall Outlet, Closet Light, Rock and Flower Pot, and MANY MORE! There are over 50 different ones!

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