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Product Update! Mini Digital Color Alarm Clock DVR

I recently got one of these and wanted to test it out as a webcam. A few years ago I upgraded

Mini Digital Color Alarm Clock DVR Mini Digital Color Alarm Clock DVR

my computer to a 64-bit system, and my old webcam wouldn't work, and D-Link wasn't going to provide a 64-bit driver for the old webcam. However, when I got this clock (SKU HC-ALCLK-DVR) the software CD was a blank CD-R! I needed drivers to use the clock's camera as a webcam. The instructions are badly translated from Chinese to English (Engrish is what I call it). Two mentions of files in the instructions are:

14.    File update: please install “Network Installer” from the installation disc; use the remote controller to open the clock, and then insert the USB cable in 10 seconds; afterwards, the computer will open an interface automatically; click “Program Upgrade”, it will open a dialogue box; afterwards click “Update”.
When ① DRAM Timing, select 0X35
When ② DRAM Size, select “8M”; afterwards, press “OK” to upgrade; several minutes later, press “Confirm” button.


15.    When the program is lost, please install the software which is saved in the Compact Disc, and then click “STK02NU Programme Upgrading Tool”, afterwards click “Update”;
Under ① DRAM Timing, select 0X35
Under ② DRAM Size, select “8M”; afterwards, press “OK” to upgrade; several minutes later, press “Confirm” button.

I got a ZIP file from the wholesaler and you can download it for yourself EnglishUser Manual (Word Document).

There are only 2 files needed to make the camera work as a webcam; click each one to download them individually.

  1. SPCA1520_V1200_WHQL.exe
  2. SPCA1528_V2250_WHQL_MultLan.exe

Install both (one requires restart), then Windows will recognize the device as a "SPCA1628 video Camera Device" and stop asking for drivers and a disk. A program called "Amcap" will show up on your desktop after the reboot. With the camera switch in the on position and the TF Card removed from the clock, plug in the clock to the USB port on your computer (it will not work on a hub). Open the "Amcap" Program, and click on "Devices"; make sure "SPCA1628 video Camera Device" is selected. To see the camera work, click on "Options", then select "Preview".

To use the clock as a webcam with a messenger program or Skype, set the default camera to "SPCA1628 video Camera Device".

8 thoughts on “Product Update! Mini Digital Color Alarm Clock DVR”

  • frank

    cannot synchronise the time on recordings with the clock time anyone know how to do this the manual is crap Chinese english

  • frank

    cant get the date inside the recordings to synchronise the Chinese English manual is crap

    anyone any ideas please

    I tried everything

    • admin

      I know you didn't buy this from me but I'll be happy to help. You need to run the file "TimeSync.exe" while the clock is plugged into a USB port on your computer, and the power switch is turned to "Off", and do not press the power button on the remote. (The device will be in Webcam Mode as opposed to Flash Drive Mode if you do press the on-off button on the remote.
      Since TimeSync.exe is loaded on the flash card, it needs to be run from another drive. My CD was blank when I got it, so I made a folder on my Desktop and copied all the contents into it. You can find the file in the folder "setup time file".

      To recap:
      1. Make sure you have a copy of TimeSync.exe on another drive, e.g.-c:users[yourusername]Desktoptimesync.exe for Windows Vista thru 7.
      2. Make sure the switch on the clock is OFF.
      3. Plug the clock into a USB port (do not use a hub. Plug it into a port on the front or back of the PC).
      4. Run the file TimeSync.exe by double-clicking on it. A small window will open announcing "one device connected".
      5. Click on the "Synchronize" Button. A message will say "Device Synchronized".
      6. Close the window and unplug the clock from the USB port.

      I just tested it with a pic and a video, both were stamped correctly.

      Would you consider signing up for my newsletter and let me know your opinion of it?

      Hope I helped, Ray, Owner of

  • Frank

    Hi Ray,

    Thanks for the help with Spy Camera DVR.

    It was my friend Neil bought it from yourselves and it has helped catch one guy stealing from me while I sell my stuff to downsize to my disabled bungalow.

    I am delighted with the Spy Camera just difficult to set the clock as I am a 61 yr old Pensioner and no good with computers I am afraid.

    I will get my friend Neil to set it for me as it needs the correct time and date police say for court evidence.

    Personal Protection>>>

    Good Products

    Good Service

    Most of all Helpful AFTER SALES HELP AND ADVICE!!!


    Keep up the good work


    • David

      I received one of these cameras today, not from you, and have had a b***h of a time getting it fully functional. Primarily because the manual, and software, provided have substantial room for improvement.

      Found this web page of yours
      which has been of significant help in getting it to work. Thank You!

      One issue remains, syncing the cameras time with that of the pc. When you say "Since TimeSync.exe is loaded on the flash card" what flash card are you referring to? I received one of those small CD's with the camera, it's not on that. Looked on the web, couldn't find anything that matched its functionality. Where may I find this TimeSync.exe?

      Thanks again!

  • David

    Hello again,

    Continuance of my 1st email:

    I've been thinking about the statement above: "File update: please install 'Network Installer' from the installation disc; use the remote controller to open the clock, and then insert the USB cable in 10 seconds; afterwards, the computer will open an interface automatically; click 'Program Upgrade', it will open a dialogue box; afterwards click 'Update'."

    Is the "flash card" you're referring to the one inside the camera? If so I get the impression I should have received software that enables me to access this internal card, true? I didn't not received this "Network Installer". Nothing that would give me access to the internal software of the camera. No interface automatically opens. No "Program Upgrade" to click on.

    Please explain to me what software I should have received.

    Thank You


    • admin

      Open the flash card that came with the camera-clock, and navigate to folder "set up time file", where the executable "SyncTime.exe" resides. Copy that file to a different disk (e.g.- "C:\") and run it from that fresh copy, since if it is run from the flash card it will not "see" the camera-clock.

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