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Random Items Going on Secret Sale

I have decided to place items on sale at random. You will notice this if you view an item and see the original price slashed through and a sale price beneath it. The sale will last from between one hour, to the end of the month. The duration will not be listed anywhere (thus random), and the sale price may or may not be available if you return to buy later.

If you place an item in your cart and leave it for later, the sale price may no longer be in effect, so snag it while you can. I don't know how long I will want to try this, so look around, a lot. Personal Protection USA

Initially, I am basing which items to place on Secret Sale by the most viewed. So, if the Clothes Hook Hidden Camera with DVR gets 10 views, and nothing else gets that many, Bam! Sale! How much of a sale? Well, that's when I look up what I pay versus the retail price, figure a reasonable range, and randomly enter a price in that range.

So, browse around and enjoy!

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