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The Random Sale Continues

That's right, the Random Sale continues! Various Random items will be placed on sale at Random times. The duration of the sale will be Randomly activated to last from one hour to one month. Random items (not necessarily ALL the items) will be announced on Twitter by @PersProtectnUSA, and those announcements will be totally Random! Some items going on sale might be announced in this Blog, and some of those announcements might also be sent out as a Newsletter. The amount of the discount will be made at Random and can range from $1.00 off to 50% off or more, Randomly. Items chosen Randomly for this Random Sale will most likely be influenced by the number of page views of that item, or not.

If you browse around the website and see an item with a slash through the original price and a lower "Special Price" under it, then you have stumbled upon one of the Random items chosen for the Random Sale. To test this, I will place on sale our Closet Light Diversion Safe for a mere $1.00 over the price I pay. That's right, One Dollar over Invoice! But only til midnight Eastern today (6/13/2014), and maybe again some other time, at Random. Or not! Keep checking back here to find out.

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