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The Web Log of a N00B website owner

So I got this website. I'm trying to figure out internet marketing. I have a degree in Culinary Management, and the only computer course I took during Culinary School was Introduction to Windows95, which I already knew how to use (it was an easy 1-credit course).

I've learned a bit since February, but apparently not enough. I got a twitter account @PersProtectnUS to go with my website, and a facebook page for my site. I got an adwords account and Google signed me up for g+ (I have been there one time).

I use, at least as best I can figure it out. I don't know how well it works or if I am doing the right things.  I tried their new Markething.Me tool today, and as soon as I did my @PersProtectnUS account started sending really random tweets linking to articles about fashion, celebrities, sports (all things I care nothing about), so I changed my password and gave the new one to Matkething.Me. The weird tweets persisted, so I went to my g+ account for the first time ever, same thing. I checked my facebook page, and nothing, so I checked "home" and bam! Same random posts! I'm not sure what's going on there. If anyone knows, contact me at [email protected].

The Google Adwords gets people to my site, but nobody buys anything. One ad had a 21% CTR but a 0% CR.

I'm sure I'll get it sorted out, but hopefully not before I go broke supporting it.

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