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Uber Driver Uses Pepper Spray to Ward Off Attacker

On October 30th 2015, Uber Driver Edward Caban of Orange County (LA) California was violently attacked after trying to end an Uber ride of drunk patron Benjamin Golden of Newport Beach, California. Caban had a Dash Cam running in his car after some similar, less violent incidents, and this one caught the whole episode.

The early parts of the video (removed by user) show Golden (the passenger) to periodically lose consciousness, and have difficulty giving directions. After stopping at a shopping mall and being asked politely to leave the vehicle, Caban was attacked by the drunk passenger who hit him about the head and face, ant tried to smash his head into the door glass on the driver's door.

To see the concise, relevant part of the video, FF to 2:30


He was able to defend himself with pepper spray (he had a hard time deploying it while under attack--he should have had the Visor-Clip Model for faster access).

You can plainly see that the attacker was immediately subdued after being doused with the pepper spray. He exited the vehicle, and according to local TV news reports, was caught by police while vomiting as a result of the pepper spray.

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