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UPDATE: Uber Driver Uses Pepper Spray To Ward Off Attacker, captured on Dash Cam

Benjamin Golden, 32, of Newport Beach, CA, who was arrested Friday October 30, 2015 for Assaulting a Taxicab Operator and Public Intoxication, worked as a Corporate Marketing Manager for Taco Bell, based in Irvine, CA. He has been fired by Taco Bell.

After Dash Cam video was published of the assault, Taco Bell officials stated that "...he can no longer work for us. We have also offered and encouraged him to seek professional help". (Read it in the LATimes HERE).

Edward Caban, the Uber driver, saw fit to install a Dash Cam after feeling threatened by passengers while working a 2am shift. Excellent move. Dash Cams record all activity inside the vehicle thanks to the ultra-wide-angle lens, and also all activity in front of the vehicle up to 120┬░, AND G-force telemetry in the event of an accident!

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