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Coke Stash Can

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Coca-Cola Stash Can Safe

A stash can the best way to hide anything in plain sight. This Coke stash can is weighted to feel like a regular, unopened can of Coke. Fill it with cash and park it on the back of a shelf in your fridge and it most likely won't be found by a burglar. Snap it into a 6-pack ring and increase the odds it won't be noticed, unless the burglar likes Coke!


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Stash Can FAQ

What Is A Stash Can?

A stash can, also called a diversion safe or a hidden safe, is simply a product container—in this case, a Coca-Cola or Coke can—which has been opened along a seam in a place not readily visible to anyone not looking for it, and a smaller container, usually with a screw on lid, fixed to the inside of the can's lid.

What Are Stash Cans Used For?

Stash cans are most commonly used to hide your valuable items right in front of a burglar, sibling, parent or roommate. You can place into them things like cash, jewelry, USB drives, gold and silver coins, keys to locking safes and padlocks, passwords and combinations to safes. It is highly recommended by PersonalProtectionUSA that when storing/hiding heavier items such as jewelry and gold coins or bullion that these items be padded to prevent banging against the inside of the container and producing noise when shaken.

Will a burglar know this is not a real Coke?

No! The Coke can is weighted to feel full, and you can soundproof it. The best way I have found to soundproof the container of heavier items is to stuff the empty space tightly with cloth, so that when shaken, the item(s) have no place to move to. In the case of several items, bind them together tightly in something like a coin tube or plastic wrap, wrap that in something like a sock or a handkerchief, place into your stash can and fill the remaining space with more cloth, or wadded paper. Make sure to shake the safe yourself to insure it remains silent.

Can I use this Coke can diversion safe to hide my weed?

Yes! You can hide in it any item that will fit through the opening, which is 1-1/8" (30mm). There are some people who would use this Coke stash can for illicit or illegal purposes. I have seen many searches for "the best stash can for weed", for example.

Can you keep it in the fridge?

Absolutely! There is nothing like keeping some cold hard cash on hand! Better yet, put a six-pack ring on it and hide it behind the baking soda!

How much money will fit inside?

I was able to fit 50 bills inside. So that would be—if all the bills were the same denomination—$50 in singles, $250 in fives, $500 in tens, $1,000 in twenty's, and $5,000 in hundreds. Roll them 10 at a time (then 5 to a roll if 10 is too big), drop inside then open the roll as much as possible to insert another roll. To remove, pull the center roll out with tweezers and the next layers until you need to swipe them out with your fingers.


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