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TASER Pulse Electroshock Weapon

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This listing is for one BRAND NEW TASER® Pulse™ Electroshock Weapon with Neuro-Muscular Incapacitation (NMI). This TASER is equipped with BOTH a hi-intensity LED flashlight AND a targeting LASER! This box is FACTORY SEALED and Wow do I want to open it up and play with it! These sell for $399.99 all day on TASER's website! Take $60 off today and get free shipping!

The unit is about the size and shape of a small .380 handgun - 5.16" long by 4.75" high. It is SAFE to own, LEGAL to carry, and EASY to use!

Ideal for delivery drivers!

In The Box

It comes with 2 live cartridges, a nylon holster, a practice target, a lithium power magazine (NOT rechargeable), and the TASER® Lifetime Guarantee. Use it on an attacker, drop it and run away, and TASER® will replace it free of charge to you. Just provide a police report.


  • Sub-Compact Design

  • 15-foot safety zone

  • 30-second duration (see drop&run guarantee)

  • Positive Knock-Down power

  • Safe to use—you won't get shocked

  • Target Laser—light your target up with the red dot to see the point of impact

  • LED Flashlight—illuminate your target in low-light situations

  • Contact Stun—TASER can be used as a direct contact stun weapon when the cartridge is removed, for a "second bite of the apple", as it were.

No License—This is not a "firearm", therefore no license is required to carry it, except in nanny-state places like NY, NJ, MA, — see TASER site for all TASER restrictions

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