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How does it feel to get tased?

Well, the X-26 was featured on Discovery Channel\'s Future Weapons with Mack in 2012! Watch this!

How far can a TASER reach?

The civilian versions of TASER electroshock weapons sold here have a range of up to 15 feet. Certain law enforcement and military versions can reach up to 30 feet.

What if I fire and miss?

All TASERs can be used as a contact stun gun after the needles have been fired.

Does TASER still make the C2?

TASER International has replaced the C2 with the Bolt, which is available in black, has an LED flashlight and an aiming laser, and comes with 2 live cartridges, 1 soft carry sleeve, 1 Lithium Power Magazine, 1 target for practice, and a Quick Start Guide. (Download the full User Manual.)

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What is a TASER Pulse?

The Pulse is in the form of a small handgun, such as a larger .380 Auto or a small 9mm. It is concealable, with an LED flashlight, and both iron sights and an aiming laser. The Pulse comes with a replaceable lithium battery, 2 live cartridges, an electrically conductive target, a protective soft cover, and a Quick Start Manual. (Download the full User Manual.)

What is the most powerful TASER?

The X26P Professional Series has the highest power available. It features Shaped Pulse and Electro-Muscular Disruption technologies which temporarily override the central nervous system, limiting muscular control. It comes with 2 live cartridges, 1 Digital Power Magazine (NOT a rechargeable battery), 1 carrying case, 1 practice target, training materials Manual.

How many times can I fire a TASER?

The X2 holds 2 cartridges and features an aiming laser and a flashlight, and comes with 4 live cartridges and a Performance Power Magazine (not a rechargeable battery). All other TASER CEW sold here hold only a single cartridge. ALL of them can be used as a drive-stun weapon—more like a standard contact stun gun. (Download or view the full X2 User Manual.)

What does TASER Stand for?

TASER is an acronym which is short for Thomas A Swift's Electric Rifle. [Source]

Why TASER over a stun gun?

The first reason is range. TASER CEW (Conducted Electrical Weapon) devices can fire barbed electrodes as far as 30 feet. Civilian versions are limited to 15 feet, which is adequate in most situations and helps the shot to be much more accurate. A stun gun is a direct contact weapon, which means that you actually have to touch your attacker, meaning that they can touch you. This is a dangerous situation, and to effectively stun an attacker he must be shocked for a continuous 5 seconds for the greatest effect. The 5 seconds will be very painful, and will cause him to become disoriented to the point that it will take him several seconds to recover—this is your critical escape window. TASER products vary in the length of time the electrical shock is applied. When the trigger is pulled then released the Pulse and Bolt models will discharge for 30 seconds unattended, and then stop. This gives you a full half a minute to run to safety because while the bad guy is being tased, he is completely and involuntarily immobilized. I found this interesting video from The Slow Mo Guys

The X26P and the X2 will discharge for 5 seconds then cycle off. We don’t offer the X26C, but it discharges for 10 seconds adding an additional 10 seconds per trigger pull up to 30 seconds. Once the CEW cycles off, pressing the trigger again will start another cycle, or holding the trigger down will continuously discharge until the trigger is released (unless you are using an Automated Shutdown Performance Power Magazine (APPM) Battery Pack).

The second reason is the TASER Safe-Escape Replacement. If you are attacked and deploy your CEW, TASER will send you a replacement free of charge when you send them a copy of the police report, proof of purchase, payment for shipping and the address to which you want it shipped (no PO boxes). This means shoot the bad guy, place the TASER on the ground and run like you stole something! If the bad guy eventually gets up and takes your weapon and gets away, you are eligible to get a free replacement from the manufacturer. Not so with a stun gun.

Another nice feature of these defense weapons is that they all have a bright LED flashlight and an aiming laser, as well as traditional gun sights. The laser red dot is aimed approximately where the upper electrode will impact. The lower electrode is positioned 8° lower than the upper one, which is level with the top of the weapon. This means that at a distance of seven feet the electrodes will have one foot of separation, and about two feet at the maximum range. The farther apart the electrodes are the more effective the shock will be. Be careful the target is not more than fifteen feet away because the cables will stop the electrode’s motion and may even cause it to be pulled back towards the operator. If this happens you can still remove the cartridge and use the TASER as a direct contact stun weapon by holding the trigger and pressing the tip into the attacker.

One clear advantage the TASER CEW has over a traditional gun is that the BATFE to not consider it to be a firearm, and as such, you may carry it concealed anywhere, even in a “gun-free zone”. Criminals will not obey that sign, so don’t get caught in harm’s way without at least some viable defense!

Let us examine the October 16, 1991 mass shooting at Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen, Texas. On that Wednesday, Suzanna Hupp met her parents, Al and Ursula Gratia, at that cafeteria for lunch. At 12:39 PM, George Hennard, a 35 year old Merchant Mariner unemployed due to drug use, drove his pickup truck through the glass of the cafeteria, exited the vehicle, and began executing patrons.

"The first to die was local veterinarian Michael Griffith who, with bitter irony, had approached the crashed pick-up to offer assistance, thinking this was simply an ordinary road accident. Among the first to be wounded (and both of whose parents died in the shooting) was Suzanna Hupp, later to become a Republican member of the Texas House of Representatives and an opponent of gun-control legislation. Hupp normally carried a .38 revolver in her purse, but had left the weapon outside in her car. She’d left her gun outside to avoid breaking strict Texas rules at the time of the shooting, rules expressly forbidding carrying concealed firearms in a public place. Thus, perhaps when she most needed her gun, it was outside and entirely out of reach. Her father charged Hennard and was fatally shot. Her mother was murdered cradling her dying husband. Customer Tommy Vaughn managed to evade the gunfire. Throwing a table through the windows, he created an escape route for himself and many others in the cafeteria while Hennard continued methodically picking his targets, aiming and firing his guns with an almost-military precision."   —, paragraph 15 “The Victims”

Hear her Congressional Testimony here!

Imagine how differently things would have turned out if this Law-Abiding Citizen, afraid of violating a law, had been armed with a concealed TASER CEW! That particular weapon would not have been in violation of the law! She could have tased him, and he would have been dropped to the ground preventing any further death! She could have done the same thing with her .38 that she left in the car that day, but with a TASER the shooter would have had his day in court, been convicted and sentenced to death. Granted, killing the shooter with the .38 would have saved taxpayers the millions of dollars in court and incarceration costs, but hey. I’m pro gun and I do carry one, but not in places where they are banned such as bars. I do carry my TASER Pulse into those places, however, including on any college campus I’m sent to work at. Suzanna Hupp’s biggest regret according to her Congressional testimony, “…I made the stupidest decision in my life…” She would rather have had that gun on her in violation of the law and been tried for that “crime” rather than watch her parents being executed. As she said, “I’ve hit much smaller targets at much greater distances”. She certainly could have killed the shooter before he shot her mother, Ursula Gratia, who was cradling her dying husband of 47 years, Al Gratia

See her interview with Megyn Kelly here.