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The TASER Pulse Conducted Electroshock Weapon System with Neuro-Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) is the best weapon for you to get away from an attacker! Just take the safety off to activate the aiming laser, point the red dot at the upper chest and shoot! It works just like a small handgun. There is also a bright white LED light that will illuminate any dark area so you can clearly see your target and aim better, faster, and get away unscathed. With Axon\'s "Stun & Run" Guarantee (that is my term), if you are attacked and use the TASER Pulse Conducted Electroshock Weapon (CEW) to disable your attacker, and then run away leaving the CEW behind (it will continue shocking them for a full 30 seconds unattended), simply send the police report to Axon (Formerly TASER International, INC) and they will replace your Pulse at no charge except for shipping (and the price of your stamp).

The unit is about the size and shape of a small .380 handgun - 5.16" long by 4.75" high. It is SAFE to own, LEGAL to carry, and EASY to use!

In The Box

It comes with 2 live cartridges, a nylon holster, a practice target, a lithium power magazine (NOT rechargeable), and the TASER® Lifetime Guarantee. Use it on an attacker, drop it and run away, and TASER® will replace it free of charge to you. Just provide a police report.

  • Sub-Compact Design
  • 15-foot safety zone
  • 30-second duration (see drop&run guarantee)
  • Positive Knock-Down power
  • Safe to use—you won\'t get shocked
  • Target Laser—light your target up with the red dot to see the point of impact
  • LED Flashlight—illuminate your target in low-light situations
  • Contact Stun—TASER can be used as a direct contact stun weapon when the cartridge is removed, for a "second bite of the apple", as it were.

No License—This is not a "firearm", therefore no license is required to carry it, except in nanny-state places like NY, NJ, MA, — see TASER site for all TASER restrictions.
Now Shipping to New Jersey, Maryland and Massachusetts. (SEE this Court Document for yourself!)

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