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Wildfire Pepper Pen 18% 1/2 oz.

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WILDFIRE® 18% PEPPER SPRAY has been proven to be the hottest pepper spray by independent laboratory testing.


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WildFire® 18% Pepper Spray is Hot-rageous! Made from Oleoresin Capsicum (the Hot part of Hot Peppers), this 18% OC pepper spray delivers 3 Million Scoville Heat Units of pain, causing severe irritation to the eyes, nose, and upper respiratory system lasting for up to 45 minutes. This pepper spray is a non-toxic, non-flammable, non-lethal mixture. MADE IN THE USA.

Wildfire Pepper Pen 18% 1/2 oz. Designed to repel attackers, this powerful Wildfire formula is contained inside a handy pen-like unit. The 18 % Wildfire Pen is a convenient and subtle way to carry the protection you need into any environment where you might find yourself. A low key package houses a powerful self protection pepper delivery system. Pen clip easily attaches to pocket. Contains 5 one second bursts. 10 gram stream unit sprays up to 6 feet.

"The Wildfire 18% formula is one of the hottest, and more importantly, the fastest reacting spray we've ever tested. This spray immediately permeates the pores of the skin, closes the eyes, and inhibits the respiratory system. What makes this product so effective is the purity of the pepper used in formulating this product...only food grade grade 3 million or 4 million scoville heat units pepper used."
   — Larry Harris, Washington Labs


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